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Livestock Show Projects

The Following Livestock Projects are allowed in LCISD Show barn.

-Hogs (Gilts and Barrows)

-Sheep (Ewes and Wethers)

-Goats (Does/Nanny and Wethers)

-Cattle (Heifers and Steers)

-Turkeys and Broilers/Roasters


It is recommended that your Broilers/Roasters and Turkeys are kept at home. 

Rabbit (meat/hair) projects are required to be kept at home. We do not have a facility to house them. 

Unlike 4-H, we do not do Horses. You can do them outside of school and put it in your record book.


As stated in the Rules, all members with animal projects must become Quality Counts verified. This is required of all major shows and Fulshear FFA is also taking advantage of this great educational program that emphasizes knowledge and responsibility.


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